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 Angry? Feeling fatigued? Spending most of your free time in bed? Can't focus? Lacking energy or drive? Finding it difficult to prioritize because you have too much to do? That's about to change...

Your teenage years can be stressful, but recognizing what adds to the stress is essential for addressing it. Diet and exercise, even at a young age, have more of an influence on your ability to function than you may realize. So does your frame of mind. Sometimes moods are a direct result of the body and mind's need to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of a hectic lifestyle that is always plugged in, and always on.

Check out this mindfulness resource of Yes2Motivation for ways to improve your sleeping and eating habits. Stressed? Lacking focus? Consider embracing some of the meditative techniques also offered in this section. A healthier lifestyle... a healthier YOU... is but a click away.

Need help with homework? Looking for a way to improve your math skills? Does it seem like your teachers are speaking a foreign language when it comes to what you're covering in class? Prepping for the SAT? Need a scholarship? Check out this list of growing sites for help with your school work and more!

 Seeking a support group that is available online? Maybe you'd like to find a group that is local or would like to start your own? Maybe you're looking for more information on an issue that you or a friend may be experiencing? Are you depressed? Check out this list of growing sites for helpful information, resources, and support.

 Access a growing list of current Helplines and Hotlines for support and guidance. No matter what you're going through, you can access counselors who are standing by to speak with you. You are not alone! There is always someone available to talk to.

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